A message from the President....

The Humane Society of Stanislaus County, as well as all other Non-Profit organizations, rely heavily on our volunteers. They are our backbone and they make everything happen.

We are an all volunteer society, with no paid members, including the Board of Directors. What's exciting is that we regularly have large turn out for events, meetings, and adoption drives.

Even with the wonderful people who help us make things happen, we always need more help. Each person who volunteers brings a new skill-set to us which makes us that much more strong and powerful.

Our fight to end homeless pets, pet over population, and needless pet abandonment has never been more important than today. With our community facing a financial crisis second to none; with more and more homes being foreclosed daily, pets in Stanislaus County need our help more than ever before.

You are their saviors. Countless animals are saved daily throughout the United States by the wonderful volunteers who offer up their time, skills, and abilities. So take a moment, search your heart, and decide how you can help put an end to animals suffering here in our community.

All the best.
Aaron Elkins, President

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Please note: All volunteers must be at least 18 years old, or 16 years old with Parental/Guardian permission.
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